Le Morne Brabant Hike | Do you need a Guide?

We had heard a lot about Le Morne mountain, it dominates the south western peninsula and its striking presences have always made us keen to hike to the top.

The rocky cliffs and steep ascends makes the climb very technical and extremely dangerous. This is why up until recently you were not allowed to hike the mountain without a guide. Here we explain how you can hike this mountain safely.

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We Spent 31 Days in Quarantine

Yes, we had contracted COVID and our bodies needed rest. However both JP and I were extremely lucky that within 7 days of first symptoms, we both felt back to normal and had no lingering issues. So within a few days of arriving at Tarisa, we both were no longer focusing on the physical but were now facing the mental challenge of how to cope in Government Quarantine in a foreign country with no clear outline of conditions of release.

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