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Processing our First Year as Digital Nomads

One Year of living as Digital Nomads!
This means that it has been over a year of no permanent address, of carrying all our belongings in two suitcases and our backpacks and bouncing around every few months. We cannot believe how different our life has become.

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We left our Corporate Jobs 6 Months Ago | 7 Things we have learnt.

On May 01, we woke up, went into the office for the last time since we started working from home to hand back our electronics and equipment, it was official, we were on our own as freelancers. The real journey had began. We cannot believe how quickly 6 months has gone, how much we have grown and shifted. It has absolutely been a bit of a roller-coaster ride to say the least but in the past 6 months we have learnt 7 very valuable things.

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Le Morne Brabant Hike | Do you need a Guide?

We had heard a lot about Le Morne mountain, it dominates the south western peninsula and its striking presences have always made us keen to hike to the top.

The rocky cliffs and steep ascends makes the climb very technical and extremely dangerous. This is why up until recently you were not allowed to hike the mountain without a guide. Here we explain how you can hike this mountain safely.

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Turning 30: 5 Things I’d tell my Younger Self

Today I turned 30… I’ve never really been one who has been overly focused on age. I love my birthday, always have but it’s never really been about the number of candles on my cake. This year however feels a whole load different. Leading up to this day I’ve felt full of anticipation and I’m not exactly sure why.

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6 Steps we Took to Create the Life we Craved.

How did we say goodbye to our corporate careers for a life as digital nomads. A year ago, we never thought this would be possible and here we are 4 months after saying goodbye to our corporate careers, living our dream. How did we get to this point?

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6 Things to do in the Northern Cape

In May of this year, we celebrated spreading our wings by heading off on a whirlwind 14 day round trip exploration from Cape Town up to the Kalagadi. However this road trip wasn’t just about time on the road or nights spent in the tent. We had a little bucket list of activities and sights to cross off.

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Places to Stay in the Northern Cape

The Northern Cape was a previously unknown stretch of land for us and so we decided to slowly make our way up the West coast of South Africa, stopping in Paternoster, Springbok, Richtersveld and Augrabies before spending 3 days exploring the Kgalagadi.

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