Oct 10, 2021

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Oct 10, 2021

Le Morne Brabant Hike

We had heard a lot about Le Morne mountain, it dominates the south western peninsula and its striking presence has always made us keen to hike to the top. The mountain has a history deeply rooted in the enslavement of indentured labourers on the island. It was a place of safety for many slaves who had run away from their masters but, many of their lives succumbed to the dangerous cliffs. Today those lives are remembered by a symbolic steel cross, perched on the top of the mountain.

The rocky cliffs and steep ascent makes the climb very technical and extremely dangerous. This is why up until recently you were not allowed to hike the mountain without a guide. Here we explain how you can hike this mountain safely.

at a glance

Start Point: Base of Le Morne Mountain
Length: 3.6km to summit. 7.2km in total.
Opening Hours: 7am-4pm
Duration: 2.5-4 hours (depending on fitness levels and amount of stops)
Lowest Point: 0m (sea level)
Highest Point: 556m
Difficulty Level: The beginning portion is easy to moderate. The second half includes a scramble could be said to be moderate to hard.
Fitness Level Required: Decent Base Level
Best time to hike: Early morning on a dry, calm day.
Price: Free (if you don’t hire a guide)


Top Tips:

Wear Comfortable shoes with good grip
Pack Plenty of water
Wear a Peak and Sunscreen
If you can, take climbing rope to clip onto the rocks- will make your scramble that much easier.
Go as early as possible to avoid the crowds and the heat
Avoid hiking on a windy day


Le Morne is located on the south west peninsula on the island of Mauritius. It is highlighted by the large basaltic mountain with an elevation of 556m above Sea Level. This mountain known as Le Morne Brabant is one of Mauritius’ most popular hikes due to the spectacular 360 views of the most south western tip of the island.



The area was named a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2008 in recognition for it’s purpose as a refuge and shelter for escaped slaves. Due to it’s sheer cliffs and difficult to traverse landscape, many escaped slaves fled to the mountain and formed little settlements on the summit. It is said that on the 1st of February 1835, the authorities headed up the mountain with intent to inform the slaves of their freedom. Tragically due to distrust in the authorities many slaves elected to jump off the mountain rather than return to their previous lives.



As result the summit is considered a beacon for freedom and hope and holds a very important space in Mauritian Heritage. The metal cross at the summit stands proud in memory of those slaves.

Do you need a Guide?

Up until 2016 the hike was closed to the public and only authorised guides were allowed to take hikers along the paths. It has since been open to all and we heard very conflicting opinions about whether or not a guide is necessary. This is due to the fact that the second portion of the hike requires scrambling and climbing up the cliff face to reach the summit. It could definitely be considered difficult and dangerous for many. We decided to attempt to hike without a guide so as to ascertain for ourselves. We both have a decent level of fitness and have hiked many different areas before.



So, do you need a guide? Short answer, No. The hike is fairly easy for the first 2.5- 3km, however the last section is rather difficult and nerve-wracking. However if you have some experience with hiking, are wearing decent shoes and are taking it slowly, it is definitely achievable. If you are a complete newbie to hiking or afraid of heights but, still want to experience the incredible views then perhaps hiring a seasoned guide who understands the scramble and climb would be the best and SAFEST course of action for you.

How to get to the Start

Public transport to this area is infrequent and difficult to navigate. Many Hotels will offer transfers to the hike, so begin by asking reception what their options are. Alternatively if you have your own mode of transport, begin by typing “Le Morne Trail Entrance” into google maps and it will take you directly to the start of the hike.



Click here for the exact location.

The Route

From the parking lot make your way through the opening in the fence and past the wooden hut (you will need to sign in). Here you will see a large board with a map marking the route of the hike.

Carry on straight until you reach a intersection in the path, turn left through the red gate and head onwards. You will reach another fork in the path but, keep going straight. Once you reach the concrete vehicle strips you will know that you are on the right path.

After a little climb you will reach a bend in the path with a fork to the right, this is the first view point and the moment when you can start to appreciate the beautiful views that the hike will bring. Keep following the bend until you reach a grass plateau that marks the second viewpoint.

From this vantage point you can get a very clear view of the summit.

Keep following the path (keeping left). Very soon after this second view point you will reach two large yellow signs that caution inexperienced hikers from continuing. From this point the hike becomes rather technical and should be approached with extreme caution.


A little ahead you will find a green gate where the path narrows, pass through it. The scramble up the mountains is tricky. Go on your hands and feet, take it slowly and do not look down. Be cautious of loose and slippery rocks. The scramble up is by far the most challenging part of the hike. Once you are past this section the path evens out for a small stretch, approximately 20-30 minutes before you reach the last little scramble before the summit.

Once you are past this last small climb up the cliff faces, you will be greeted by the large metal cross marking the highest point of your hike.

Is it Worth it?

Absolutely! The hike is scary and difficult in sections and should definitely be approached with caution but, it is so worth it for the views. At the top you are greeted by 360 degree views of Le Morne beaches and the surrounding forest and mountains. It is breath-taking. It is also the best vantage point (besides from a helicopter) to view Mauritius’ famous underwater waterfall.

We will definitely be making this hike a few times before we leave Mauritius and suggest that if you are planning on visiting this beautiful island, it should be high up on your bucket list.

Have you attempted this hike? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

Stay Adventurous, Keep Exploring & Play more, 

Until Next time, Sarah and JP. 

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